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Hi!! This is my blog/facebook/myspace. Facebook and Myspace were too complicated for me. Now I have my own page to write what ever I want. Soon there will be many video and updates on my condition and life. This is a private site so please do not email this to anyone. I will email everyone I want to see this page.


My site is a little different is starts at the top with the oldest and the most recent is at the bottom. The website is a little quirky that way.


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Hello everyone!! Big news!! I have a gallbladder stone!! Ya, I didn't say the news would be great. So it started a couple of days ago I would be fine one minute then BAM my stomach felt like it was on fire and someone had stabbed it. I was screaming and yelling to go to the ER. It passed and the next day it happened it again!! And no one was home!! Hello bad idea to leave me alone (duh). So my dad came rushing home and then it passed. Well the next day everything was good. Then the next day (Friday) I walked into Dos Coyote and ordered food, I walked into the office at school, and I went upstairs to for Josh to be done with his appointment. All in all it was going very good. Then we got home and I took a nap, then BAM it came back but this time with a vengance. I was screaming, yelling, and crying and it never got better. So, my mom drove me to the hospital. On the way there I cursed and flipped off a stop light. Then when we got there I was taken right back since I was barely standing and screaming, "Make it stop! make it stop!" Then we had to wait for the doctor while I was still crying and screaming. Then they took and ultirsound and saw nothing and could not figure out what it was. Well that made me feel so much better (not). Then the doctor gave me morphine but that didn't work. Then she tried Dilaudid and it worked thank the lord. The doctor said that it was my last option and the hightest narcotic they had. Then the doctor said I sould get a Cat scan. Well of course they couldn't use my pickline so they had to give me an IV. The nurse was super nice and he let me watch his itouch till he went off shift (I think it was to get me to stop screaming). Then I had the Cat scan (did you know that the Iodine they give you make you feel like you are going to pee your pants. Weird right!). Then the doctor came back and said that my gallbladder was bigger than normal. So, I have to get a fancy extencive ultrasound (very painful). Then the doctor came back and told me that I had a gallbladder stone and that it I got another one or if it did not go away my gallbladder would have to be REMOVED! AHHHH!!! Well then we were sent home with the Dilaudid. We got home around 2 am because we had to pick up the Dilaudid because I would need a dose in the middle of the night. Then I went to sleep and have been sleeping ever since (mostly anyway). And that was my trip to the ER. THE END.



Well hello again. Today I went to the doctor (my family doc) and we talked about the gallbladder issue. Well it seems that I have to have it removed. REMOVED!!! Ya that sounds like so much fun. I have to go and meet another doctor now and talk about when, how, and why I need to get my gallbladder removed. Also I have to back off the Dilaudid. I never knew you could get addicted in just 2 days. Well I am weaning off the medication and it is hard. I get angry and hungry and I feel like I need to take it even if my pain is managable. Well I will keep you updated. THE END.   



Today was very interesting. I started a new treatment called Hyperberic Oxygen therapy. It is a big clear tube that I slide into on a bed like thing. Then they close the door and lock it. Then the put in oxygen and increase the pressure. It is so annoying, I have to pop my ears for twenty minutes. Then I sit there for 2 hours while watching the TV. When it is time for me to come out they slowly release the pressure and then I am out. It is boring but at least not painfull. Later, I went to physical therapy for the first time in 5 months and that was horrible. I went into the pool and way over did it. For a normal person my physical therapy would be nothing, but for me it was hard. Afterward I went home and slept for 3 hours. Well that was my first day in the chamber. THE END.   



Site change, Oxygen chamber, and doc appointment. It really was a normal day. One interesting thing were the antibiotics. Instead of them being bags dripping by gravity, now they are balls the size of my fist and are pressurized to go in over a certain amount of time. They look so cool and even if I am hooked up I can walk around and go places. THE END.   

                                                                                 -Becca Kasten :)



removed. removed! REMOVED!! IN 3 WEEKS!!!!!! Today I went to the surgeon to talk about my gallbladder. I thought he was going to say that I would be fine and it did not need to be taken out. Oh how was I wrong. It must come out or it might spread the RSD. GREAT another thing! Well at leat this doc does this surgery a lot, like 160 a year at least. WOW!! Well at least the nagging pain in my tummy and back will go away. That was my day at the surgeons office. THE END.   



Missed oxygen today. I just couldnt get up. It was horrible! Well I eventually got up and went to physical therapy. It went well. Then I went to the doctor and got a refill for a medication. So excited for Bones tonight!! THE END.



Today I went to Oxygen and slept. It was soooo nice to sleep for 2 hours. Then we left and I went to another doctors appointment (Psychology). Merlin is on tonight!! YA!! THE END.



I had so much fun this weekend. I played games with my family and caught up on some of my shows and just relaxed. Lenin (next door neighbor's dog) came over and cuddled with me. I was so nice, I loved it. Over all a good weekend. THE END.



BAD morning. It was terrible. I couldn't have getten out of bed even if I needed to go pee. Well it got a little better and I went to oxgen. Afterwards I went to the orthodontist and he fixed my retainers. It took all of 2 minutes. Sortest appointment ever! Then I went inside Borders for a few minutes. It was nice to be in a bookstore again. If I could live in Borders or a bookstore I would. Then I went to physical therapy. Also I watched the bachor! How could Brad keep Michelle on the show!!! THE END.



Bandage Change, Oxygen, and doctors appointment (Psychology). The appointment went well. We talked about me wanting a dog. Some times I feel lonely, not because I dont have friends or family. It is a different kind of lonely and sadness. But when Lenin comes over it just goes away when he cuddles with me and looks at me. I dont know what I am going to do about the feeling, but hopefully I figure it out soon :) THE END.



MEMO!!!! Sorry I have not updated in awhile. I have been very ill. Update: I got my gallbladder removed 2/25/11. I got sicker because I was given Norco as a pain medicine and it screwed up everything in my body, alongwith my gallbladder being gone. I have been stuck on the couch for the last week because I could not use my tummy muscles. Well I am feeling a little bit better now that I am off the Norco. Talk to you soon. THE END.



Hey guys!!! Well Charlie is doing great. (more information go to his page) Well gallbladder is gone!! The recovery is hard but the scars are healing. Plus I went shopping today. SHOPPING!!! It was soooo much fun and it was nice to do something other than oxygen and doctors appointments. Well I did do oxygen today. I also got my hair cut. It is soooooo short! Like it was past my shoulders and now it barely touchs my neck. Well I will check in more sooon. THE END.