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Vegas was a blast!! I had so much fun. I was tiring and painful but mostly fun and exciting. We did so many things. We stayed at the Mirage witch was HUGE! On the first day we got to the hotel at 4:30 and were starving. We went down to the bottom of the hotel and ate at a place called The Stack. As shown on the video the salad was pitiful. My mom wanted to share it with me, but all they gave her was one whole piece of lettuce and she had to cut it up!! We walked around to many other hotel to explore. My favorite was Ceasar's Palace. I was the LONGEST and LARGEST hotel I have ever been in. I took up about a block all by itself. There was a moving statues show that was cool. I included part of it in the video. The show was about the greek gods and goddesses of Atlantis. Then we walked from the Mirage to Treasure Island which was big but noisy. Then from Treasure Island we went to Fashion Show mall as shown in my video crossing the glass bridge high over the street. In Fashion Show mall there were soooooo many stores that we never rached the end of the mall!! We stopped at Betsy Johnson and found a really cute dress and crazy high but cute shoes, as seen on video. Sadly we did not by the shoes but we did by the dress because it was 75% off. That night we went to David Coperfield. He was AMAZING!! He turned a tissue paper rose into a real rose. The next day we went to New York-New York and rode a roler coster that was soooo scary. I love roller costers but this one was painful and fast. Well, after the ride we had to go down a lot of steps to leave and I felt like I was going to die!! (As shown in video) Then we went to MGM Grand and saw this Lion habitat that cost over 9 million dollers to build. In the video it is a picture of the lions laying on the glass and me looking up a them through the glass. That night we went to go see Mystere Cirque du soliel at MGM Grand. I was stunning. People swung from the ceiling and other balanced on giant balls for up to 20 minutes at a time. I was amazing and I would suggest that everyone should go see it. Then we walked back to the hotel and saw the volcano eruopt infront of Treasure Island as shown in the video. It was a combination of water and fire. Then it was time to head home. As shown in the video we stood by the waterfall before we got picked up and taken to the airport. Then on our way to the airport I saw a sign I had to video. The sign was for Thunder Down Under!! It gave my dad a big laugh!!! Well thanks for checking up and Happy New Year!!   

                                                                            -Becca Kasten :)